How do we honor our dads when our dads aren’t here to share in the love?

Father’s Day can be a very difficult day for us. The memories and the love that we share with our dad can be somehow different than the love we share with other people. Our dads hold a special place for us. The relationship is somehow different and yet so special.

This can be a time of heightened emotions. We feel the absence more acutely at this time. Sadness, loneliness, anger, and longing are common emotions to feel. Even if it has been a while since your dad has passed. Our grief can intensify.

So, how do we honor our dads?

Make a plan. Do you have people who you know will support you? Connect with them.

Do something to honor him. One lady that I know inherited her dad’s car. She takes it on a road trip every Father’s Day.

Is food the love language in your family? The tradition of the back yard BBQ can continue on as a remembering.

Perhaps it is his favorite show on Netflix.

Find some way to remember him whether it be big or small.

Can you journal that special memory? This can be very powerful if you journal.

What did he enjoy? You can remember him by doing that very same thing.

If none of these seem helpful, that’s okay. We are all unique and so our grieving is unique. The point is – take some time to take care of yourself, whatever that looks like. Do your best to honor your grief and if you can, honor your father.

Feelings will show up and that’s okay. We can be aware of them and acknowledge them without judgement. We grieve because we love. Hold space for the love.

Be gentle with yourself.

Denise Torgerson
Community Programs