When people hear the word Hospice, they think of end of life care. We at Hospice think of our care as Life-Enhancing care from the time of diagnosis all the way through to the end of life. Sometimes this can take years.

When a person is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, everything changes. Sometimes the changes happen quickly and sometimes slowly. These changes can cause confusion, fear and isolation. Our community match and caregiver programs are available to people to help them through the challenges that they face.

The distinction of Life-Enhancing Care through a life-limiting illness, rather than end of life care, is meaningful to us at Hospice House. We see the effects of isolation and confusion and fear when families arrive at Hospice House. We know that when we connect with families sooner – way sooner, it helps to alleviate some of the challenges that a diagnosis can create.

Our programs are designed to connect with people to support them through the many changes long before they have to come to Hospice House.

So what does this look like specifically?

Isolation – Visiting, yes, it is that simple. People more able to sustain well being when they are socially engaged.

Navigation – Our medical system can be overwhelming and confusing. Our volunteers are trained in helping families navigate the system so they can get the best care possible. They can help people engage in their hobbies and interests too.

Emotional Support – When we are heard – we heal. There is just something about saying stuff out loud to someone who listens to you that can help alleviate the stress you are feeling and open you up to a new sense of strength.

Spiritual – That inner life that wants to emerge. Your personal history, your values, what’s important to you now, what brings you joy, what are your strengths, meaning-making. We will hold these conversations as precious.

In Prince George, we think of Hospice as a place. (We are so very grateful.)

Instead, we need to think about it as a philosophy or as a model of care. 

It is not because you are weak that you seek support; it is because you are brave and strong and willing to get your needs met. Hospice is here to help.