As long as there is movement, even just a little bit, you are doing the grief work. Slowly, over time, a bit of movement, that’s all that is required.  It’s like a spiral. Slowly, around and around and you start to see that even though you are experiencing a grief burst, or something happens to make your grief seem more present, at some point you start to see that you have more capacity to experience it. It doesn’t knock you down as often or as much. Slowly. There is no hurry. There is no time line in grief. Do not push yourself. Your whole world is changing. This takes time. This takes acceptance.

There will come a time – when you are still grieving, but you might not need a grief support group. And yet, people still don’t understand. It is like being alone in a room full of people. They just don’t “get it.”

And so it can feel easier to just stay home. The thing is though, our brains are wired to be social. Not seeing people will directly affect your mental health. It is important to connect with others.

I must plug our Rec Room again. We are starting a series of drop-ins and short programs that are designed for people who just want to be with others who “get it”. When we are with others who are on a healing journey, we can relax. Our “I’m doing great” mask can come off. We can be ourselves.

Everything is designed to alleviate pressure. Even the closed groups are short, no longer than 6 weeks. We know it is summer time.

So with an eye towards wellness we offer a number of ways for people to come together and have fun. Oh yes, there is room for tears too. Remember we all “get it.”

Movement – towards a different life as we learn to move forward with our loss in love and with support.

Denise Torgerson