Happy National Hospice Palliative Care Week!

 Yes, that’s right, the first week of May is National Hospice Palliative Care Week in Canada.

In honor of this, we thought we would share some information on what Hospice Palliative Care is.

“Hospice Palliative Care is a specialized from of healthcare that aims to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for those living with a life limiting illness, as well as their families. Hospice Palliative Care addresses the specific physical, psychological, social, spiritual and practical issues, and their associated expectations, needs, hopes and fears on an individual basis.” CHPCA

We have always been known in the community as Hospice House. The focus of our work has been on end of life care for the dying and their families. We are so blessed in Prince George to have a Hospice House with amazing staff and volunteers that work to maintain a standard of excellence for our community members. End of Life Care is one aspect of Palliative Care.

What is less known in Prince George is that we also contribute to the well-being of people who are palliative in our community as well as their family members. We do not assist medically or physically; however, we support people psychologically, socially, and spiritually.  We sometimes have relationships with families that last years.

Palliative does not mean end of life. Palliative care is comfort care and can be accessed while someone is in active treatment. Individuals and families living with life limiting illnesses benefit from palliative care.

Our team of volunteers will support people in their homes, long-term care facilities, the hospital, and will follow them to Hospice House if they choose to spend their last days here with us.

It is the social and emotional support that is the heart of our Hospice House. We bring that same support to our support groups as well as our one on one support. That same sense of soothing that people experience in the house is experienced when people are in relationships with our volunteers in the community.

Happy National Palliative Care Week!

We are here for you.

 Denise Torgerson
Community Programs