This picture has been in my life for quite some time now.

Seeing it for the first time literally took all the breath out of my body – the breath that I had been holding since my mom passed away… the breath that I had been holding since my marriage dissolved… the breath that I had been holding since… well… you get the picture.  For me, this statute, this art, represents every single loss I have experienced in my entire life. 

Found at Lake Geneva, Switzerland, this beautiful sculpture is called “Melancholy,” by Albert Gyorgy. It is a representation of the intense sadness and isolation he felt with the loss of his wife. 

So poignant, so beautiful, so sad, so profound… As dark as this artwork may be to some, it serves as a sort of comfort to others, like myself, who have experienced a loss and can identify with its sorrowful beauty.  But as grief accompanies me throughout my life, the void of the statute has filled in – like a patchwork of memories – the left top corner is for Anne, my mom; the bottom right for my marriage; the middle left for my dad, etc.  A patchwork that has become less painful but equally as beautiful.